This place is perfect for Tipsy & Timber. No more bending in the bathtub or chasing them around the backyard. I luv the private rooms and everything is included from the towels, brushes to the smelling spray at the end of the bath. My dogs came home relaxed and fell right to sleep. We'll definitely be back.

Jemma DeVera

This was the easiest most convenient way for me to wash my dog! The staff was extremely polite and helpful. They showed me how to use the equipment and they provided everything I needed. Much easier than washing my dog at home and no mess to clean up! I give Waggin' Tails two thumbs up and definitely plan on going back again.

Jimmy Yannakopoulos

Such a great experience for us and our pup! This makes for a fast, fun, easy, and safe pup bathing experience. In and out in 20 minutes. And zero cleanup, saving me more time and free from frustration! My pup has sensitive skin and the shampoo and conditioner worked well for her. She's so incredibly soft now. I love the add-on kits. We've tried the ear kit and dental kit, both had everything we needed and then some. Definitely beats me having those items at the house. I love the convenience of the whole experience. While bathing isn't my pup's favorite pastime, she absolutely loves that I get her a new squeaky toy afterwards. Which also keeps her mouth occupied while checking out. The staff is super helpful, happy, and kind. I called the first time to make an appointment. I used the email notice to schedule the next appointment and appreciated the convenience and ease of use. The height of the station worked well, no back issues. I didn't use the apron the first time and I got my shirt wet. I made sure to use it the 2nd time and it kept my shirt clean and dry.

Stephanie Sutton

Great place! So convenient! Everything at my fingertips for a great wash of my dog. He loved the tub, looks and smells great! The staff was friendly and very helpful. Will definitely be back with my other two dogs for their turn.

Joanne Naples

This place is perfect for me to wash my dog. Private room, they have all the equipment including the towels! Took me 20 minutes to clean and dry my dog and I was out of there. The store is very clean and staff is very helpful. Will definitely go back.

Alex Caputo

Such a beautiful doggie wash salon. My dog Pickle loved her experience!

Kerri Tillwach

Clean and easy to use. The staff is amazing and helpful. The treat options are the best for after my pup is washes!

Lacey Caputo

Cooper loved his experience here! And So did i. They thought of everything! We added a teeth kit and it came with a lil toothbrush toothpaste and breath spray!

Jessica Rodriguez

The experience was second to none. The facility is clean, organized, easy to navigate and fully stocked with everything needed to leave with a clean and happy puppy. The staff is very helpful and ready to assist. I will definitely be going back.

Lori Hefter

My dog is pretty skittish and wanted no part of getting in the tub unfortunately! The staff was more than willing to assist me and stayed throughout the wash to help so I could reassure my dog and try to calm him. I think with more visits he will learn to relax. The set up is super user friendly and a great way give your pup a bath without the mess at home. I recommend!

Jonne Kenzy

What a fantastic experience. Beautiful place with a great staff. Thank you so much!

S Jenson

We were the first customers on soft start day last Saturday and the experience was wonderful. My normally very nervous dog seemed relaxed and he enjoyed the experience at the self-service dog wash. many wonderful items for sale in the front lobby and a friendly helpful staff add to the experience. We will be back!

JoAnn Blue

Wonderful experience washing my Doodle here. Private room with a big tub and everything you need shampoo, conditioner and brushes. Staff was very helpful and Zazu got treats. Highly recommend.

Jinnette Landeros

Great place and i don't think my dog has smelled this good in years! The staff is super sweet and you can have your dog wash directions read to you by Morgan Freeman!

Heather West

Winnie had a wonderful time here. This was a great experience for Me and Her. The staff is Great! Tubs are big. as well as easy to use. Love the treats and selection for dogs. We will be coming again this weekend.

Mike Ward