Waggin' Tails Dog Wash Gets Two Paws Up

Our self-serve options make tails wag and pet owners smile in Gilbert, AZ

We know how expensive grooming appointments can be. Our owner has two large doodles who need baths once a week - and those grooming bills started piling up. She founded Waggin' Tails Dog Wash as an affordable grooming option in Gilbert, AZ. Now, residents are enjoying a quick, easy, affordable dog washing experience.

Bathing your fur baby is more convenient than ever at our self-service washing station. Stop by today to check it out.

Who Are We?

The Caputo's have been entrepreneurs for over 15 years and have continually looked at ways to make a difference in the communities they live in and people's lives. Waggin Tails Dog Wash was derived because of this very reason.

We love our animals, especially our furbabies and throughout the years, we've rescued and raised pups. Through this time, we identified that bathing and grooming our babies was a chore, to say the least! It started mainly with a rescue that was fearful of others - not aggressive, but anxiety had gotten to her, and every time she went to the groomer, it was hard on her and us. We more often than not tried bathing/grooming her ourselves just to avoid anxiety. As we added more pups to our family - two doodles, we realized how quickly our bathroom would become a mess - oh and that was after getting into the shower with each of them. We tried everything we could think of - washing from the hose, bathtubs, etc. We tried different products, waterless shampoos, wipes, etc. None of it was easy and most of it was expensive.

We finally heard of a self-service dog wash and thought that our prayers had been answered. However, upon going to many of the washes, we soon realized that our allergies and the anxiety of our pup being barked at while getting a bath (traumatizing in itself) would not work. More often than not, after a bath, my pup and I would come home with loads of fur on us - after being in the same blow-drying area as a Husky. Again, not a bad thing - all dogs need baths, but when you are allergic, it's not ideal.

With all this and a lot of research, we decided to embark on Waggin' Tails Dog Wash. The idea was to give each dog and pet parent their own room that would allow them to bath, brush, and dry their pup with helping to reduce the amount of anxiety that a bath can bring on. We researched the wash stations and chose an easy-to-use system that provided step by step instructions (you choose the voice) to help you through the wash. We spent hours trying different products, shampoos, conditioners, leave-in sprays, brushes, and even towels to determine the best approach for you and our pups.
We hope that everything we have created will help you as well.