Everything your pup needs to look dapper

When you bring your good boy or girl in for a bath, be sure to check out our other pet grooming supply kits.

You can buy a:

Licker Kit - $5

A lick Mat with Buddy Butter to help keep your pup distracted.

Nail Kit - $5

Need to trim, Dremel or file those nails? This kit is perfect for keeping those nails short.

Ear Kit - $5

Stinky ears? This kit will help get your pups ears feeling, looking and smelling good.

Skunk Kit - $15

Had a run in with a skunk? Get your pup smelling fresh again with our skunk kit.

Spa Kit - $5

Give your pooch a little extra pampering with moisturizer, paw balm and more.

Dental Kit - $5

Everything you need to keep those teeth white, shiny and healthy.

Nail Painting Kit - $5

Add any color to make those paws pretty.

Paw Spa Kit - $5

Soak those paws with our luxurious fizz and add extra moisture with our paw balm.

Pick up a couple of pet grooming supply kits now.